Despite my confusion, I feel a surge of inspiration and join forces with the homeless man. Together, we recite poetry to anyone who will listen. We bring a lot of laughter and lightness in this City. Some of them even want to join us. I could truly make a difference.
A tunnel of greed and endless movement. I wonder where they are going.[15] This people know everything and everybody, Everything I [you] always wanted to know about nothing.[17] Why not become rational and intelligent, knowledgeable and cultured, variable and wise, all at the same time? . [16]
This people know how to live hundreds of years and how to speak to the stars, but yet not seeing the beauty in front of their feet. This City is alive as it was never before but yet lost in Movement. What is all this noise and wealth, Knowledge and Abundance worth when you can’t feel the joy in small things and moments in life.
These small moments of drifting away, as I looked at the Fish in the tank or the carousel with fading laughter of people, let me remember. Sharpen my senses. Crystal clear. A river I can immerse in. Underneath is everything silent, so magnificent and scary at the same time. Free myself from control, distraction, power and knowledge this world seems to put me in. I am searching for a bridge, a space in between black and white.
Is it chaos… Perhaps harmony…
I looked at my soul mate and said: “You and I are awareness, which is the identity of the weightless life.( Fuller, Synergetic) Perhaps we were going to die from forgetting.” [11]
A fast world with fast thoughts, don’t aware of them surroundings, and still know everything and nothing. They have Masks on… hiding, but still emerge in connection and creativity. Blinded from overflow of information, noise, lights, and voices, this place shows me the path to find knowledge and awareness. Blindness might be the real importance of power. It could be a blessing or a curse.

My head throbs from the chaos that surround me, as I lift my eyes to the hazy blue sky. A thick blanket of dust and noise obscures my view, making me feel lost and disoriented. From the darkness above, prismatic lanterns stab the gloom like great projectiles from the sky….”[1]. They are impersonally impressive at best, giant nonentities at worst. [14] I search for something, anything that will anchor me to this place, but find nothing familiar. Encountering the unfamiliar stirs up curiosity and wonder within me. Though it can be daunting, maybe it offers a chance to explore new perspectives and grow in ways I never thought possible. Embracing the unknown could deepen my connection with this place, and a sense of awe for all that is still to be discovered.
There's no trace of my brothers or the monastery. Instead, I'm greeted by a homeless man holding a bottle of liquid, which he offers to me without hesitation. "Drink up, brother," the homeless man says, his breath smelling of rotting fish. "It's the only way to survive in this crazy world."
I lower my gaze, scanning the ground beneath me. A wide variety of litter, including cigarette butts, fast food waste, spark plugs, condoms, and glass.[3] Unable to see the sky above or the ground below me. All I see is plenty.
As I walk through the streets, my eyes can’t follow the variety of objects and colors i see. People in screens selling Curious things, how is this possible? Fruits in every colour and shape, this is amazing. As I looked at some fish in a tank swimming in circles, for a moment I had fun like I had have never before.
I don’t know if it is the liquor or the flashing lights, unbearable noise or the 1000 voices around me that intoxicate my senses, making me feel both fascinated and overwhelmed. The tension builds within me, as I struggle to make sense of this strange place.
The loss of eyes strengthens my [the] memory, it lends the capacity and impulse to sing. [4]
As I close my eyes, I let the noise of the world wash over me like a wave. In the darkness, my mind becomes a canvas for new ideas and perspectives to emerge. The cacophony of sounds around me becomes a symphony, a chorus of inspiration and possibility.
I look at the ground again and see a tiny wonder emerges from the soil. A delicate bloom stretches its vibrant hues out into the world, piercing through the drab and dreary concrete with a fierce determination. As if summoned by the light of the sun, this magnificent flower blossoms with an ethereal beauty that fills the air with its sweet fragrance. Each petal seems to dance to its own rhythm, as the wind whispers its secrets to the world.
This stunning bloom is a beacon of hope, a symbol of resilience in the face of despair. It is a dream that has taken form, a vision that has come to life. It feels [is] like awakening from a dream; but a painful awakening. [5]
A small, beautiful flower, standing proud and tall amidst the grays and darkness that surround it.
Still less of personality have plants, silent as they are, and rooted to the soil. [6]


Abundance, affluence, Myriade, encroachment, Buzz, commotion, disquiet, noise, fast life

Necessity, little, bounded, Harmony, calm, silent
Concept of overflow
redound (v.)
late 14c., redounden, "to overflow, flow abundantly; abound, multiply, increase" (senses now obsolete), also "to flow or go back" (to a place or person), "be sent, rolled, or driven back," from Old French redonder "overflow, abound, be in profusion" (12c.), from Latin redundare "to overflow" (see redundant). Hence "to contribute, have effect" (to the credit, honor, etc.), early 15c. Related: Redounded; redounding.

slop (v.)
"to spill carelessly" (transitive), 1550s, from slop (n.1). The intransitive sense of "be spilled or overflow" is from 1746. Related: Slopped; slopping.
white noise (n.)
"sound made up of a random mixture of frequencies and intensities," by 1970, from white (adj.) + noise (n.).

nāu-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning "boat."
It forms all or part of: aeronautics; aquanaut; Argonaut; astronaut; cosmonaut; nacelle; naval; nave (n.1) "main part of a church;" navicular; navigate; navigation; navy; naufragous; nausea; nautical; nautilus; noise.
Concept of Consciousness
Identity, Awareness, sensibility, alertness

Confusion, stupidity, ignorance, blinded, mask, enfeebled, dream, vision, forgetting
self-conscious (adj.)
1680s, "aware of one's action or oneself," a word of the English Enlightenment (Locke was using it by 1690, along with self-consciousness "state of being aware of oneself, consciousness of one's own identity"), from self- + conscious. The morbid sense of "preoccupied with one's own personality, conscious of oneself as an object of observation to others" is attested by 1834 (J.S. Mill). Related: Self-consciously.

faint (v.)
c. 1300, "grow weak, become enfeebled," also "lack courage or spirit, be faint-hearted," and "to pretend, feign;" from faint (adj.). Sense of "swoon, lose consciousness" is from c. 1400. Also used in Middle English of the fading of colors, flowers, etc. Related: Fainted; fainting. For Chaucer and Shakespeare, also a transitive verb ("It faints me").
Concept of Momentum
Listen feel sense, time and space, dream, vision, silent, movement, still

Letarghy, weakness
momentum (n.)
1690s in the scientific use in mechanics, "product of the mass and velocity of a body; quantity of motion of a moving body," from Latin momentum "movement, moving power" (see moment). Figurative use, "force gained by movement, an impulse, impelling force," dates from 1782.

lethargy (n.)
late 14c., litarge, "state of prolonged torpor or inactivity, inertness of body or mind," from Medieval Latin litargia, from Late Latin lethargia, from Greek lēthargia "forgetfulness," from lēthargos "forgetful," apparently etymologically "inactive through forgetfulness," from lēthē "a forgetting, forgetfulness" (see latent) + argos "idle" (see argon). The form with -th- is from 1590s in English. The Medieval Latin word also is the source of Old French litargie (Modern French léthargie), Spanish and Italian letargia.

William with the book of Aristoteles tries to awaken people in the silicon valley, blinded from routine and control. Forgetting who they are why they here, for what they living. A fast world with fast people, don’t aware of them surroundings. They have Masks look the same have no porpuse no clue. Blinded from overflow of information, noise, lights and people.
This referes to the book of Aristoteles which also was hidden from the monchs. They shouldn’t read it. They shouldn’t laugh. They should do what monchs supposed to do…

Williams bends time and space, an orbital power, slow down the floot, get awareness of surrounding, listening to you… feeling you. The Architecture Creates an Momentum and bends time and space. A space to breathe realize and get out of the hamsterwheel at least for an moment. It is weightless and still massiv and powerful.
The architecture sucks you in like a star in his own orbit. Once in you get lost in it you find yourself. It’s about momentum breaking out of the System.
Persona Williams: monch needs patients, believe… church is silent and a momentum in the modern citys. A place of silence but great power… a space besides the religion of the contrast to the fast, loud life. How can the architecture create a momentum, a river of silence and an awakening of awareness.
The Flower is my momentum, the momentum is my architecture, the architecture is my flower
The bridge, connection or link between two contrasts might be awareness, identity or Concuisness. Seeing both sides and be able to switch between them. It is not harmony it is not chaos... it is Between and everything. Between is Momentum, a bubble which catches the moment. How can i express this Bridge, give it an face and body. The Flower is my momentum... the Momentum my architecture... the Architecture my Flower...
█▄░█ █▀█ █▀▀   █░░ █▀█ █▀ ▀█▀   █ █▄░█ ▀█▀ █░█ ▀█▀ █▀█ █▀█ █ ▄▀█ █░░
█░▀█ █▀▀ █▄▄   █▄▄ █▄█ ▄█ ░█░   █ █░▀█ ░█░ █▄█ ░█░ █▄█ █▀▄ █ █▀█ █▄▄
Patient, serene
Believes, surrenders, waits
Silent church, powerful momentum

Massive, weightless
Sucks you in, breaks the system
River of silence, awakening awareness

My momentum
My architecture, my flower
Lost, found, in its orbit
A flower blooms
In the midst of chaos
Momentum slows us down
Architecture bends time and space
Williams' crown

He is like a monk
Patient and believing
In the power of silence
A space to breathe, to awaken

The river flows
Silently but powerfully
Creating a momentum
Breaking us out of routine
A sight to see

This architecture
Is weightless, yet massive
Sucking us in like a star
A space to realize, to feel
To surpass

It is a symbol
Of hope and a new way
A reminder to slow down
To listen and be aware
To sway

So let us immerse
In this river of silence
Let us feel the momentum
That bends time and space
In defiance
Connection's link,
Awareness, identity,
Consciousness, switch between contrasts,
The link.

It's not just harmony,
Nor mere chaos either,
It's the in-between, where Momentum,

A bubble that catches,
Every fleeting moment,
The bridge, a faceless entity,

The flower is Momentum,
The force that drives it all,
Architecture, a scaffold,
To catch.
Chapter 1: Lost in Tutorial

Chapter 2:
Lifes little gems








Hagia Sophia
Eiffel Tower
Pantheon Rome
Michigan Building
Greek Temple
Ten O nine Hall
Tate Modern
Kuwait parliament